Look at that!

This is me looking into the horizon with sunglasses.

I am a Digital Humanities postgraduate student at University College London. My current research is on the application of medical image processing methods to recover information from ancient damaged documents. My advisors are Melissa Terras from the Department of Information Studies and Adam Gibson from the Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering. I am also affiliated to the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

I recently finished my MA in Humanities Computing under the supervision of Stan Ruecker at the University of Alberta. My research centred around an rich-prospect interface: the Texttiles Browser, an experiment in leveraging available metadata to visualise and browse medium sized text collections. My thesis title is: The Texttiles browser: an experiment in rich-prospect browsing for text collections.

My research interests are visualisations, image processing and analysis, and the role of semantic metadata in information sharing. I am also interested in the web as an application platform to build environments that enhance communication, foster institutional transparency, and enable the free flow of information. I irregularly post relevant links and updates about my research.


I grew up in Ecuador, and I sometimes like to comment (in Spanish) on the media, and the quality of its discourse. I have a special section on articles that have absolute disregard for journalistic principles and are just a calculated litany of stories meant to generate emotional reactions.


You can also find some of my pictures on flickr, follow me on twitter, and stalk me on facebook.